Days one and two


Day 1: 3/6/2016
Today was a day of orientation, walking around and passing by places including the colosseum, temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, basilica s coma e damianio church, and capitolini museum where Mr. Unger observed auguries by spotting an eagle. After the orientation, we came back to the convent and had ravioli with spinach, chicken, ham and cheese pastry, green beans and fruits.

Day 2: 3/7/2016

As a group, we first visited the Foro Romano Palatino, the Roman forum. This was where Cicero had given his oration against Catiline. Although most of it remains in a ruined state today, we were able to get a close view of many of the main structures. We toured through the forum looking for the house of Sydnus(Sydney) and she picked a structure on the palatine hill in the end. Temple of Vesta was a round temple which during the ancient times, had a palanium that Aeneas brought to Rome inside and permanent fire on top. Pooja gave her first oral presentation at the Arch of Septimius Severus. Temple of divine Julius Caesar was one end of the four sides that enclosed Caesar’s family buildings (temples of his grandsons enclosing the sides and his sons’ across). We stopped by the spring of Juturnia, temple of Apollo, and the arch of Titus(Olivia’s oral presentation). The Arch of Titus was the first monument that had menorah carved on the side and was racist against Jewish people in the early days. Within the Roman Forum, we entered Museo Palatino where we watched short clips about the forum and observed various marble statues of gods, and goddesses.
After struggling a little trying to find the exit, we left the forum to make the 3:15pm appointment time for entering the colosseum. One of the things we learned about it was that the favorite animals that Romans liked to use in the colosseum were tigers, lions and cheetah which killed things violently.
As a group we took a break by going to get gelato and coffee from Antica Gelateria De Matteis.
As our last places-to-visit of the day, we walked to Basilica of San Clemente al Laterano where there were excavations of first and fourth century churches preserved underground. On floor -1, we looked at the mithraeum shrine which in the ancient times was used for feasts only for men. We looked at the different designs of tiles including a zig-zag shaped spiccatum which was applied in rooms for practical uses, and a diamond fish-net shaped reticulatum which was made for fancy rooms as part of the decoration.

We had free time after to walk around the town nearby our convent and I had the chance to look around the Conad supermarket and a pastry store.
We ended the day by having corn risotto, thin sliced steak, steamed green beans and fruit bowls for dinner at 7:30pm.
Mrs. Morris was proud of us for being the first Exonian group trip ever to do an all day walking (10 hours) ever without any help of transportation!

It was a tiring but fun, unforgettable day ^_^!


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