Day Five!!!

After a late start (thank you Magna Mater) the group went down to the Campus Martius. The “tawny” Tiber flowed past as we examined the pseudopteripteral, Ionic columns of the Temple of Portunus, the earliest standing temple in Rome, and the circular Temple of Hercules Victor, a patron of trade. Keeping with the theme of trade, we headed to the Forum Boarium, or cattle market, where we saw Mr. Unger’s favorite and least favorite arches! The inscription (on the better arch) commemorates Septimius Severus, his wife Julia, and their two sons. Next, we went to a Greek Orthodox Church where we saw spoliae of the Temple of Hercules and an unusual inscription on a cross: INBI. After Caesar’s presentation on the Theater of Marcellus, we headed to the Spanish steps for some quick shopping and the Trevi to throw in a coin! Then off to the Villa Borghese for works by Caravaggio, Titian, and Bernini. Another wonderful Travertine and cappuccino filled day in Rome. Caio for now!!! -Caroline

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