Day 6

Buongiorno! We started the morning with a walk past the Ludus Magnus (gladiatorial training grounds) down the hill to the Arch of Constantine, which Scott presented to us. Then we continued on to the Capitoline Museum where we were treated to presentations from Stella (on the reliefs and bust of her favorite emperor, Marcus Aurelius) and Hannah (on the sculpture of the Dying Gaul and the bronze Capitoline She-Wolf). Briskly ushered out of the museum due to an impromptu assembly, we visited the Forum of Julius Caesar and then on to the Markets of Trajan where Mr. Unger presented the reconstructed model of the Forum of Augustus. Stepping on to the balcony of the Trajan Markets, I gave my presentation on the Column of Trajan. We climbed down the stairs and strolled past the remains of the Forum of Augustus and then Nervan Forum. We finished the day with a visit to the Church of St. Peter in Chains which holds a Michelangelo masterpiece, the sculpture of horned Moses. Escaping the rain, we hurried back to our cozy convent at the end of the day. Ciao for now. – Ryan

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