Day Seven

We started the day with a scenic trek to the Campus Martius, which included an opportunity to check out the architecture of the Jewish Ghettos. Mr. Unger explained to us how back in the republic, the Campus Martius was a field where armies mustered. He also told us how permanent theaters (of stone instead of wood) were banned, but Pompey got around it by building it as a temple in Summa Cavea. We had an opportunity to see the Theater of Pompey, shop, and take in an optical illusion in one of the state buildings. Then Mr. Unger reenacted the death of Julius Caesar as we visited the exact spot that he was stabbed to death. We saw several columns, including one with Marcus Aurelius which Dominique taught us about. We also saw the mausoleum of Augustus and the Altar of Peace, with another reenactment featuring Mr. Unger. We ended the day with an amazing gelato and shopping excursion near the Pantheon.
After that, I, Dominique, and Scott chose to visit churches with Mr. Langford. We had a fun time looking at the different architectures and styles. I admired the lit-up trees and paintings at the church of St. Ignatius.

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